Imports and Exports

We all live in a global economy and in order to create true progress, nations, people, and businesses around the world need to come together. At Zoptiks, we fundamentally work with zoological organizations around the globe, making us a natural facilitator of goods, resources, and knowledge.


Running a biodiverse organization is hard! At Zoptiks we’ll help you legally procure creatures and supplies to keep your organisms alive and prosperous. This could be anything from noninvasive species to native feeds. We’ll even work with certain natural resources and archeological expeditions to procure fossils.


International trade doesn’t come without its own problems. There are tons of rules and regulations that you have to come in compliance with. At Zoptiks, we’ll work to mitigate any legal problems and handle the sourcing, shipping, and delivery of your goods to you.


The World doesn’t Speak American. Whaaat! Yes, Earth is a big place and language is a big differentiator. Wheter you are a domestic (United States) firm looking for foreign representation or a international client looking for liasions, Zoptiks is here to help you. We will represent your intrests with potential clients, traval and inspect acquisitions and facilitate business for you.