Replace your paper map, add 4D experiences to your exhibits, and reach more customers at a fraction of the cost.

Your digital toolkit contains:

  1. A public LMS/CMS
  2. An interactive zoo map
  3. 4D ZooAR experiences
  4. Advanced visitor/user analytics
  5. Managed cloud hosting

The Tesla
Of Zoo Maps

"Ten times the flexiblity and features, one third of the cost and implementation effort."

percent visitor loss


percent of operational expenses


percent of the cost of a paper map

Your Zoo Map Digitalized

Think of the map layer as the trunk, your exhibits as branches, and your creatures as the leaves. Grow your digital experience into a sturdy oak tree where all the squirrels come to play.
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Integrate the augmented reality models used in Zoopedia and into your exhibits, give your virtual tourist experience like never before without creating your own collection of animal models.

Virtual Tours

Deliver a new perspective to the people stuck at home and bring to your zoo online. Use 360 photos and videos or integrate Google Street View. Take it to the next level by selling your products inside the tour!

Managed Cloud Hosting

With autoscaling servers built on AWS, data centers around the world, and a 150 CDN checkpoint, your map is ready for a global audience. Your IT team will love us because we manage all the hosting.

Advanced Analytics

Integrated with the Google marketing suite, quick access analytics on your dashboard and heat maps, and user sessions to understand your best performing exhibits.
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Specialized Services

Take your zoo to the next level with drone photography, a 4D Zoocard marketing campaign, our web design service, or insightful social media reports.

White Glove Onboarding & Support for Royalty

We don’t view our customers as one time projects, with ZooKit you'll be getting a living breathing system that is growing to grow and get better with new features, updates, and the latest technology as Zoptiks as a company grows. You'll also gain access to support and a community of similar zoological organizations.

More than glitter and gold.

Invest in a company driven towards wildlife conservation, life science education, and zoo technology. Your mission is our mission, lets work together to change the world.
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  • Feature List
  • 🏡 Promoted Profile on Zoptiks.com 🗺️ Custom Interactive Zoo Map 📆 Unlimited Points of Interest and Events 💇‍♂️ Customizable Templates and Themes 🎮 360 Photos and Videos Integration 🎥 Live Cam Integration ⭐ Reviews and Ratings ⛅ Managed Cloud Hosting + Global CDN 👮‍♂️ Built in Firewalls and Advanced Security Measures 🔗 Custom Domain 👨‍💻 Drag and Drop Website Builder 🎟 Link Your Ticketing System 🛒 ECommerce Integration 🚀 50,000 map views per month for free 👁️ AR Zoo Map 🐅 ZooPedia 4D Model Integration 🕸️ Google Site Kit + 3rd Party Pixels 🖥️ Zoptiks Pixel for Advanced Analytics + Built in Analytics 📲 Custom QR Code with 500 QR Code Stickers 👏 Unlimited Team Members 🚀 Lifetime Updates