For Explorers

For kids aged 5-15 and curious minds of all ages. Break through barriers and become a global citizen.

For Teachers

Whether you're virutal, hybrid or in person, rural or low income. Enjoy affordable next gen assets to take your curriculum to the next level.
Inspire, motivate and spark the imaginations of your students.

For COVID-19

Need to keep you kids occupied and get some work done? Choose a educational virutual field trip. Worried about your homeschooler or special needs kid? No worries, we got your back.

For Babysitters

Do something memorable with your little critters. Take pictures, explore the world and leave them a bit more curious than when you found them.

For Hospitals

Naturally boost serotonin and spark the imagination of the children who need it most. Break the train of white coats and transform hospital rooms into other worldly portals.

For Organizations

Easy, affordable benefits for remote working parents. Enable your workforce to focus by keeping their kids busy.

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