For Hospitals

A Better View

Lets be honest, kids aren't fans of the hospital and the train of doctors can get boring fast. Spice up your patients day with an adventure to another world.

Release Seratonin

Our adventures, especially the wildlife ones are full of wholesome imagary, built to emit good vibes.

Transform Hospital Rooms

Bring 4D holograms into your patients rooms and transform them into imagination machines. Let their place of recovery become a place of play.

Take Away Pain

Focusing on pain causes more pain. Shift young minds away from their problems and onto the worlds of their dreams.

Virtual Classrooms

Private learning groups and forums for the modern classroom. Connect with your teacher on Zoptiks and let them monitor your progress.

Special Needs

Advanced accessbilty panel, early impairment detection, closed captions and VARK based workbooks.

We're working to level the playing field for everyone.

Parent Portal

Parent-student links, COPPA compliance, virtual permission slips, activity logs, a point transfer system and privacy controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Check out our group memberships where educators get discounted pricing as well as exclusive features such as a virtual classroom.

Just let us know within 14 days of purchase or submit a refund request through your dashboard.

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit Card (via Stripe), Cryptocurrency (via Coinbase) and our own points system.

Just add to cart and checkout, if you are a new explorer, our system will automatically add the coupon code ‘aloha’ to your cart. No credit card or payment needed.

Zoptiks is web based, as long as you use Chrome or Safari, everything will work great. 

For 4D holograms, please check if your device is compatible here: 


List of iOS devices.


List of Android devices.

Yes! Feel free to use our holograms for you own videos, pictures and classroom curriculums.


If you want to use our content for monetization, please reach out to us regarding licensing.

Yes! Often times we go back and fix faulty holograms or make them better with animations, textures and information. You’ll get access to the latest holograms as they get updated in each virtual field trip.

Nope! Zoptiks is built to be accesible, and our holograms do not require any extra gear besides your phone/tablet. You don’t even need to download an extra app, which saves you space on your device.

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