For Learners

Interest Finder

Our explorers are exposed to the world like never before. Help you leaner understand what is out there in the world and how they can help society. Whether it’s by understanding the foreign culture or modern work you’re perspective is about to be broadened.

Learning Outcomes

Each field trip has specific learning outcomes for an extra dose of educational alignment. Use our prebuilt standards to find out what you’ll learn and sharpen your understanding of various topics.

Global Citizenship

The world is becoming more and more of a global marketplace. The future is going to be filled is distanced, multi-cultural teams. People will be living around the world and experience everything Earth has to offer. Zoptiks is a baby step to unlocking your journey.

Independent Learning

Zoptiks is built for solo explorers as well as classrooms, your account is your’s alone where you’ll have access to your adventures forever. Earn, analyze and assess your progress and track how you are improving.

Special Needs

Accessibility is important to us! Unlike most field trips, your disability doesn’t limit your ability to go on your adventures*.