For Teachers

Curriculum Alignment

Every field trip is aligned with national standards from 3 national associations: The National Council for Social Studies, National Geography Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

For Educators

Time Saver
Instant Access

Save time with plug-and-play activities, curriculums, quizzes, and learning outcomes. Instantly pick and choose field trips that you want to go on that day.

Reward System

Share points with your students and set up an easy reward system. Gold stars are just so old school. Give your students an adventure and let them earn souvenirs.


Our field trips are instantly accessible to everyone around the world. Starting at just $5.00 per student with lifetime access, they serve as an easy replacement to a more expensive adventure.

Consider the bus, flight, hotel, event tickets, food, and other costs you’ll be saving.

Modern Technology

Zoptiks uses the latest technology available to humanity. Who else is using 4D holograms, interactive workbooks, and virtual reality the way we are? Our high-quality adventures are built to spark your learner’s minds.