Data Conversion & Analytics

Data is the building block of the future. Whether you’re looking to operate a commerce business with orders and shipments or an advanced genomic software company, you’re going to be working with all kinds of data. The thing about data though is that it doesn’t disappear. #truncate

It is estimated that every single person in the world generates 1.7 megabytes of data… per second.

That’s a lot of information! At Zoptiks we help you convert your data into a modern format and set up systems to analyze that data so you can start making ‘data-driven decisions’. It’s like using a little bit of science to figure out what works, why it worked (numerically), and keep doing that.

Data Conversion can be very hands-on sometimes. We recommend you reach out to us with your project because we’ll very likely have to tailored plans to meet your needs, but here are a few technical areas we work with.


Our bread and butter! We can convert data to and from these database providers, need something specific? We can work it out.

Microsoft SQL Server, PostgresSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, FoxPro, OracleDB


This is the new kid on the block, and while we’ve played around, we’re still getting to know each other. A few NoSQL providers we work with are

Microsoft CosmosDB, MongoDB, AmazonDynamoDB and ScylladDB


Here comes the hard part! Genomic data is in a league of its own and it much much harder to work with. Good thing we’re constantly trying new things out with it! Imagine having to work with DNA sequences and genomes and translate it into a different language. It can be pretty annoying. We work the following data types:

GenBank, FASTA, VCF and EMBL

But wait, there’s like 15 other types of gene formats. We know. Genomics is a really young science and while we may be working on our own unifying gene format, these are the formats we support and are adoptable globally today.