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Spark Imaginations Of Our Curious Creatures

Hit the snooze button on boring activites. At Zoptiks everything is interactive and engaging.

  • ZooAR 4D Holograms
  • Modern Multimedia
  • Google Earth Voyages
  • 360 Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Workbooks
  • Dynamic Quizzes
  • Engaging Email Books
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ZooAR 4D Holograms

Bring stunning experiences right into your room without using an extra app. Touch animals, explore inside rockets, and more using devices you already have.

Modern Multimedia

Enjoy premium videos, photography, and other multimedia curated by the Zoptiks team, indie Youtubers, and experience photographers.

Google Earth Voyages

Travel the world with Google Earth, using a guided adventure, street views, and curated Google community locations.

360 Virtual Reality

Step into virtual environments and take a look around with 360 videos. It’s a completely new way to explore the world.

Interactive Workbooks

Learn by doing with our interactive workbooks, designed to help you understand and emphasize with your adventure, not memorize.

Dynamic Quizzes

Quiz yourself and your understanding of art, culture, vocabulary, and the content you experienced. Great for educational comprehension.

Engaging Email Books

Keep track of all your discussions.

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