ZooAR Holograms

Project Lifesize 4D Holograms Into Your Room with ZooAR

ZooAR is an accessible app-free augmented reality feature from Zoptiks. Unlike other augmented reality, we don’t require an extra app for you to download. As long as you have a compatible device you can enjoy our experiences from anywhere.

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The best friends are elephant friends, pose with one today! Find it on zoptiks.com #learnontiktok #zoptiks #elephant

โ™ฌ Go Go Go Who’s Next – Jyxo

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Bring a Lifesize 4D Elephant to Life


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No App Needed
Just Use A Browser

We get it! Nobody wants to download another app, with ZooAR you just need a compatible device and a browser to enjoy all of Zoptiks’ field trips.

Test Your Device
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How it works?


Scan or tap QR codes throughout field trips.


Use your iOS device to analyze your room.


Boom! A hologram is placed into your space, take a photo!

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Next Gen Educational

Imagine comparing the size of your hand with an elephant’s ear. Or seeing the sway of an alligator’s body right in front of you. How about analyzing ancient art and artifacts in 4d. ZooAR is built to help you understand in a completely new way. We believe you learn the most when you’re curious.

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Bring a Lifesize 4D Crocodile to Life


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ZooAR Alligator AR