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A New Way to Learn

Get up close like never before with 4D holograms using your phone or tablet. Inspire imagination and foster the passion to learn.

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10 In Each Field Trip

Learn by doing with interactive games and activities designed for hands-on, visual learners who have trouble staying engaged.

Take Awesome Pictures

Leave each adventure with a gallery full of crazy pictures. Pose with your favorite animals, dance with Egyptian mummies and make awesome videos to share with friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cooler the hologram, the more ‘stuff’ there is. Our files can sometimes be big, but we don’t use store them on your device, we ‘stream’ them like Netflix. Which is why the loading times can be slow.


We try our best to use next gen compression to create a better experience and you can bet that the performance of Zoptiks to improve over time.

Zoptiks is best experianced on iPad. iPad has a big enough screen for our workbooks,videos and activites as well as a camera for our holograms.

However you can use a combination of desktop/mobile or just desktop and enjoy just the 3D models.

Once you activate the hologram, the best way to take pictures is to find a friend to take it for you. Your phone or tablets built in camera button will appear and you can tap to snap a picture or hold to record a video.

Zoptiks is web based, as long as you use Chrome or Safari, everything will work great. 

For 4D holograms, please check if your device is compatible here: 


List of iOS devices.


List of Android devices.

Yes! Feel free to use our holograms for you own videos, pictures and classroom curriculums.


If you want to use our content for monetization, please reach out to us regarding licensing.

Yes! Often times we go back and fix faulty holograms or make them better with animations, textures and information. You’ll get access to the latest holograms as they get updated in each virtual field trip.

Nope! Zoptiks is built to be accesible, and our holograms do not require any extra gear besides your phone/tablet. You don’t even need to download an extra app, which saves you space on your device.

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