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About the African Safari

What to expect from your virtual field trip.

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Featured Creatures

Understand the creatures in the plains of Africa virutally! We'll break down the history, adapatations, biodata as well as provide unique perspectives about each specices and how they fit into their ecosystem. Test your understanding and progress with interactive widgets, content and quizzes.

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Featured Creatures

4D Holograms

Project a lifesize, moving creatures directly into your room with ZooAR. Take a picture with our holograms for later or walk around the holograms to understand how how parts of each animal look like up close.

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4D Holograms

Understand The Environment

Learn about the African Savannah and how this rich environment supports a variety of wildlife. Break down the climate, plant life, unique features and modern problems throughout the region.

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Understand The Environment

Travel Around Africa

Travel to stunning places throughout Africa and experiances them via virutual reality tours. Hike up Table Mountain, feel the mist of the Victoria falls and understand why each landmark is unique.

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Travel Around Africa

Photos, Videos and TikToks

Enhance your virutal field trip with exclusive photography from Christian Del Rosario, live Tik Tok feeds and videos from around the internet. We curated the best of the best for your virutal field trip.

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Photos, Videos and TikToks

Exclusive Photography By

Christian Del Rosario

Support The Sheldric Foundation

10% of all sales from our African Safari virtual field trip are donated directly to the Sheldric Foundation. The Sheldric foundation is a boots on the ground nonprofit dedicated to wildlife conservation and elephant rehabilitation. Contribute to a bigger mission and help an orphan elephant.

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Not satisfied with our virtual field trip or membership? Reach out with your concerns and we’ll issue a refund within 14 days of purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re a Zoptiks member then you have access to all of our virtual field trips. Otherwise purchase this virtual field trip like any other product and you’ll get access for your account. A Zoptiks account is required to access our content.

For the majority of our virtual field trips, all you need is a moder broswer such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. To use ZooAR you’ll need an iOS device running iOS 12 with augmented reality capabilities. Typically devices including or newer than an iPhone 7 or iPad 4 will work just fine.

Each virtual field trip takes atleast 1 hour to compelete. However there are no time limit and once you purchase the experiance, you are free to access it forever. We constantly update each field trip and improve the experiance so come back later and you might have new content to experiance!

We donate 10% of each African Safari purchase to the Sheldric Foundation. Best known for their work to protect elephants, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) operates the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.