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In 2021, we're making a modern biology degree. Complete with interactive elements, adaptive curriculums and AI that will personalize the pace and level of how you learn about life science.

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We donate 10% of net profits from our lifetime memberships to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, towards their boots on the ground efforts to save baby elephants and rhinos in Africa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each virtual field trip will take you on adventures around the world and teach you about life in that area with a focus on wildlife and local culture. You can expect the following in each virtual field trip:

1) ZooAR 4D Holograms.
2) 15 featured creatures.
3) Social studies on various countries.
4) Interactive workbooks full of activities.
5) Google Earth virtual tours.
6) Modern Youtube videos and TikToks.
7) Exclusive art and photo galleries.
8) K-5 curriculum alignment.
9) Ability to earn a ZooCard through points.

Each virtual field trip will have a ‘What to Expect‘ section that dives deeper into the specific adventure and the outline page will lay out all the lessons, topics and activities.

At Zoptiks, we recognize your child’s data is important. Although we do use cookies to help market and support certain features of Zoptiks, we also comply with GDPR, CCPA and COPPA.

In fact, during our sign up process we force you to sign a virtual permission slip.

We do not sell data to any 3rd party organizations and follow data minimlism.

Zoptiks is built for iPad but works great on all devices though a modern web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

At the moment, ZooAR only works on ARKit compatible iOS devices with Android support coming soon. 

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Our field trips are enrichment to your education, not a replacement. Every field trip has a unique theme and curriculum where you can expect to explore the wildlife and ecosystem of the region as well as relevant life science topics.

Earn points by completing lesssons and interactive modules, which you can then redeem on the Zoptiks market for a ZooCard which will be mailed via USPS to your address.

If you are not satisfied with our virtual field trips or service in anyway, please contact us within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. At Zoptiks, we’re a customer first company and will try our very best respond to feedback and work with you to resolve any issues that arise.

Visit our helpdesk for more frequently asked questions, send us a message or start a live chat. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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