Egypt. One word and a rich legacy of kingdoms, culture, architectural advances, philosophy, and world history begin to unfold. Egypt has lured adventurous travelers, archaeologists, and explorers for centuries. Take a virtual journey as you explore 4D holograms of pyramids, mummies, and artifacts while understanding Egyptian culture and daily life through interactive activities.

You’ll start off with an interactive video journey into the daily life of an Egyptian or hop into immersive 360 VR mode to boggle your mind.

Afterward, we’ll redecorate your room into a portal to Egypt by bringing 4D holograms of pyramids, statues, art, and 7 other realistic models. Get super close, analyze architecture, and don’t forget to take incredible pictures with them.

That’s not all though! We’ll embark on a Google Earth Voyage to discover the Pyramids, Egyptian Temples, Geography, and more! All with guided tours and critical thinking questions to help you learn and understand.

Practice what you learned with interactive VARK workbooks where you’ll play fun learning games, master your memory, and improve your vocabulary. If you’re a teacher, plug and play our included interactive classroom curriculum.

Explorers are motivated to complete quests to collect badges and earn gold to redeem a ZooCard, and other souvenirs, or save for their next virtual field trip.

Perfect for grades K-5 and COVID-19 homeschoolers.

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  1. Tracy A. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

  14. Violet M. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed for June. We took many breaks and this was perfect. Also need to share that when I had an issue and emailed her, she QUICKLY responded and helped me out. Highly recommend!!!!!

  15. Sachiko B. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  16. Sallie S. (verified owner)

    This product let me complete one of my favorite lessons digitally. The students were engaged and excited to learn. Next time I think I might have the students split into small groups and each complete a page then discuss what they learned as a group.

  17. Amy V. (verified owner)

    We had lots of fun in class completing this. My students were very engaged and have been loving the virtual field trips.

  18. Leslie P. (verified owner)

    During the school closure we were not able to take our field trips we nornmally would. This resource was made to take your students there and they were able to complete the activities in groups or by themseleve. I appreciate all the time it took to put this fine resource together for us to use this year and years to come.

  19. Danielle O. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  20. Meghana R. (verified owner)

    This was a great way to add some fun to our learning. My kids loved all the different activities and places to “visit”, such a great resource whether virtual or in-person.

  21. Loretta E. (verified owner)

    These Virtual Field trips are a life saver! My students can not wait for the next trip. The lessons are wonderful. Very informational.

  22. Gretchen L. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  23. Tracy C. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  24. Maggie S. (verified owner)

    This was so much fun to do with my kids. I saved it until the day we got out for Thanksgiving. Next year I will start it early!!

  25. Ping (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  26. Anna (verified owner)

    What a wonderful resource! I appreciate the format for online learning. The students were so engaged with each field trip. We used the ice cream field trip the last few weeks of school. It kept them engaged and was a perfect springboard to our ice cream in a bag end of the year activity.

  27. Kara G (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

  31. Janine S. (verified owner)

    This was a fun activity for the students. They loved watching the behind-the-scenes videos. It did take a long time, however, so we did not finish it. Next year I will have to budget more time! 🙂

  32. Nina A. (verified owner)

    Third graders were able to do this on their own, with some assistance. Second graders needed a lot of assistance. But it was a great resource and the kids loved it.

  33. Brianna W. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  34. Lani H. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed for June. We took many breaks and this was perfect. Also need to share that when I had an issue and emailed her, she QUICKLY responded and helped me out. Highly recommend!!!!!

  35. Kevin D. (verified owner)

    Can\\\’t wait to use it next year as a lot of our science that we\\\’ve already done fits these and I can use more.

  36. Sachiko B. (verified owner)

    While there were some great ideas and videos, the majority of this activity was too difficult for my second graders.

  37. Angela S. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  38. Kara G (verified owner)

    So awesome! It accomplished exactly what I hoped it would: Got my kids extra excited about the parade. In addition, when they watched it they could offer additional information based on what they had learned through this virtual field trip. Very worth the purchase!

  39. Anthony Z. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    Extremely satisfied.

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    Very satisfied.

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    Can\\\’t wait to use it next year as a lot of our science that we\\\’ve already done fits these and I can use more.

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    Very satisfied.

  45. Helena D. (verified owner)

    Wonderful and engaging resource!

  46. Danielle O. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  47. Anthony Z. (verified owner)

    This is an incredibly well-done resource! It\\\’s very engaging and contains a lot of interesting facts and video links. I wish I could edit where there are typos, though, as it really isn\\\’t feasible to email every time one comes to my attention. 🙂 This is a fantastic idea and valuable resource!

  48. Andy L. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  49. Tracy D. (verified owner)

    You earn points for leaving a review. Either way, very good.

  50. Helena D. (verified owner)

    This is such a wonderful resource and I cannot wait to share the virtual field trips with all of my students. As soon as we return from spring break, I will share with the students. I have already started reviewing them and I am just so excited to be able to see the students faces once we are back both in-person and virtual. Thank you, for creating such an amazing resource that has me as the teacher excited to want to do the field trips on my own and as a teacher too.

  51. Violet M. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  52. Stacey Lynn G. (verified owner)

    So many choices and the variety of ways that I can use this with my students is excellent. Thank you for your hard work putting this together my students are enjoying the learning.

  53. L\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’erin D. (verified owner)

    This worked super well as a whole group with my 3rd graders! They enjoyed learning about the parade and were very engaged!

  54. Ping (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.

  55. Anthony Z. (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied.

  56. Ping (verified owner)

    These are extremely well put together! I love that it incorporates a variety of subjects and includes writing. My students were really engaged! If you are assigning these digitally, you will want to check to make sure all the links work within your district. I had to get some of mine approved in order for them to work so just allow yourself enough time before assigning them. I didn’t find these until the end of the year but I look forward to using them over and over again!

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🎮 Video Journeys
  1. Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Interactive Video
  2. Daily Life in Ancient Egypt 360 VR Video
  3. Egypt Trivia Tester
📲 4D Holograms
  1. Dance With An Egyptian
  2. Meet Thorus
  3. Try a Cat Mask
  4. Egyptian Temples
  5. Paperlike Papyrus
  6. The Pharoh’s Buildings
  7. Moving with Mummies
  8. The Sphinx
  9. An Egyptian Chariot
  10. Tricky Table
  11. Hieroglyphics
🛰 Exploration Stations
  1. Deir el-Bahari
👨‍💻 Interactive Workbooks
  1. Drag The Words
  2. Find The HotSpots
  3. Word Search
  4. Speak Egyptian
🛸 Time Travel Back Home
  1. Egypt Trivia Tester
  2. We ❤️ Feedback
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  • Holograms require a compatible mobile or tablet device running iOS or
    Android, with one of the modern browsers listed above installed. Interactive 3D versions of the holograms can still be accessed via your browser.
  • 360 virtual reality can be accessed directly within the browser, however, the immersive mode requires a mobile device or electronic headset.
  • Social features require the explorer to be above 13 years old or must have a parent/guardian complete a virtual permission slip per COPPA guidelines.
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