The goal of the Junior Fanimal Program is to engage with young animal lovers and foster a long-term interest in animal advocacy. This is accomplished through a virtual badge program containing a series of animal-related activities that focus on seven major subjects and all relate back to animal advocacy efforts. As participants complete these activities, they are awarded virtual badges that can also be downloaded as coloring pages! During this program, participants learn about various species of animals, the issues these animals may be facing, and are introduced to individuals whose careers are dedicated to protecting them. Participants are encouraged to embrace their creativity while learning tangible ways to make a difference in the lives of animals.


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Getting Started
Junior Fanimal Introduction
Badge Board

Fanimal Connect

Advocacy – Intro video
🦏 Robust Rhinos
🐋Bouncy Blue Whales

🐢Slower Sea Turtles

Volunteer – Intro video
🦁 Amazing African Lions

Donations – Intro video

Arts/Creative – Intro video
🐘 Enormous Elephants
🦈 Grouchy Great White Sharks

🐊 Cranky Crocodiles

Active/Physical – Intro video
🐈 Creepy Cats
🐕 Doubtful Dogs
🐢Slower Sea Turtles

🐮 Mooing Cows

Educational – Intro video
🦛 Humongous Hippos

🐆 Leaping Leopards


Vocational – Intro video


Junior Fanimal Conclusion

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