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Virtual Summer Camp
For Grades K-8.

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Open your passport and explore interactive activities.


Earn points and redeem a souvenir from our gift shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Zoptiks we make virtual field trips where you can discover places around the world, right at home. We use the latest technology to bring you 4D holograms, stunning videos, and interactive workbooks so you can explore and understand. Explore the world like never before and spark your imagination in our COVID-19 world.

Each field trip is an awesome adventure! The core is an interactive video that includes 4D holograms, pop quizzes, and stunning modern content. We also have exploration stations such as Google Earth voyages and 360 VR tours, interactive workbooks like ‘speak the language’ and matching games. We even have a cookbook and cultural videos from real-life Youtubers!

Check out our features page for more information.

Our field trips start at just $5, or you can save by using points. Point Packs are bundles of points that you prepay for and work just like money, except that point packs come with a built-in discount. You can earn up to 100 points back from each field trip, which you can then use to redeem a ZooCard (4d hologram postcard) or other souvenirs from our gift shop.

All you need is an email address to get started and your first field trip is free! Tap the sign-in icon to create an account, pick a field trip and checkout. Once purchased you can find your field trip in your passport.

Augmented reality (AR) is a new technology that can ‘project’ things into your environment. Think of them as magic glasses, but your phone acts as the glasses. Once you project it, you can walk around the object and interact with it!

What’s cool about Zoptiks’ AR is that we don’t require you to download any extra apps (not even our own) to use our AR experiences.

It makes it much easier to share! If you have an iPhone 7 you can use our augmented reality.

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We take Paypal, Credit/Debit (via Stripe), Cryptocurrency (via Coinbase), and our own Zoptiks Points. If you are a school or teacher and require a business invoice, please start a live chat with a team member or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Points are our own currency. Teachers/Parents can buy point packs and transfer points to their students Point packs have a built-in discount compared to buying each field trip on its own. As you go through your field trip you can earn back 100 points, which you can then spend at our gift shop.

Forever! All our field trips are pay once for lifetime access. You can share with friends but you’ll only be able to earn points once and won’t have access to unique personalization features that helps each explorer understand their journey.

Just let us know within 14 days if a field trip or item from our gift shop isn’t up to par.

Yes! We have educator-focused features and national standards that align each field trip to your grade’s curriculum. Inside the Zoptiks passport, you’ll find a special teacher’s lounge with curriculums, research, and other articles. Our field trips can be done as a class or individually and make great distance learning homework.

Our field trips are primarily for students in grades K-8 with activities built for a variety of ages. Typically, if your students can read they’ll be good to go, if not they might have to stick with our videos, auditory and interactive components.

Find more frequently asked questions at our helpdesk, where you can also start a live chat with a team member. Or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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