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Inside A Blood Vessel | 360 Tour
Dive into a blood vessel like never before. Identify capillaries, the 3 major sections and white blood cells.
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Globe - Passport | Zoptiks
Traverse continents, explore cities, dive into the depths of oceans, and even reach the heights of mountains, all with a simple swipe of your finger.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual field trip newsletter?

A virtual field trip newsletter is an immersive and educational experience delivered through regular newsletters. It allows readers to explore fascinating destinations, learn about diverse cultures, discover scientific wonders, and engage with interactive content—all from the comfort of their own homes.

Our virtual field trips are unique in that every day Zoptiks will deliver an immersive, bite-sized choose-your-own-adventure story powered by 4D holograms, 360 VR tours, AI tutors, maps, and VARK workbooks.

Perfect for lifelong learners, curious K-12 explorers & educators.

What are the extra apps that are part of my membership?

Zoptiks started out making zoo maps and also make microschool management software. Although you will not receive access to these services via a membership we have built apps that you can use.

Drive - An encrypted Web3 cloud storage solution, similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. We encourage our learners to store their educational information in a dedicated space that will last a lifetime.

Views - A video-sharing platform where Zoptiks and our content creator partners share content. Whether it's a live virtual field trip, prerecorded video, or short-form content; Views is where you can find it. Members are able to post on Views.

Muze - A audio sharing platform where Zoptiks and our creator partners share audio content such as sounds, songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Yearbook - Our classroom memberships are able to create private communities where teachers can facilitate discussions in collaboration with parents.

Crypto - A practice cryptocurrency trading platform where you can practice investing in the modern world. Please note that although Crypto is connected to real crypto metrics, we do not allow real money to be exchanged at this time.

Boards - An AI vision board generator where learners can type in a goal or image they would like to create and our system will generate it. Creating a personalized board is a great way to cement goals.

Scouts - A internship and career job board that enables our explorers to find their first roles. We partner with zoos, microschools, and various organizations and connect you with opportunities.

Wizard - While we have AI tutors built into our field trips, Wizard is a personalized AI tutor system where can create documents and carry on extended conversations with our AI tutors.

How will the virtual field trips be delivered?

You can access the virtual field trip newsletters by subscribing to the newsletter service. Once subscribed, you will receive the newsletters directly in your email inbox daily. If you are a member, you will opt to receive the virtual field trips via push notification or SMS.

Simply click on the newsletter to embark on the virtual adventure.

Can I share the virtual field trip newsletters with others?

Yes, sharing is encouraged! You can share the virtual field trip newsletters with your friends, family, and colleagues who might also enjoy the immersive experience. Spread the joy of learning and exploration by forwarding the newsletters or inviting others to subscribe to the newsletter service.

How do I earn rewards?

You can earn rewards by reading, sharing, and interacting with campaigns that we release periodically. Over time your points will accumulate and you will hit various milestones which you can manage here.

Once you hit a milestone you can then redeem a gift card, souvenir, or real-life adventure in our rewards store.

What kind of equipment do I need? Any hidden costs?

95% of our platform is accessible with any device with an internet connection. Our holograms require a compatible Android or iOS device. If you don't have a compatible augmented reality device, our holograms will still work on your computer screen as an interactive 3D model.

Check if your Android device is compatible.

Check if your iOS device is compatible.

Are the virtual field trips suitable for all ages?

Yes, the virtual field trips are designed to cater to lifelong learners of all ages. The content is curated to be engaging and educational, making it suitable for students, educators, and curious minds of different age groups.

Can I access previous editions of the virtual field trips?

Yes, you will have access to previous editions of the virtual field trip newsletters. The newsletters are often archived or made available on the newsletter platform, allowing you to revisit past adventures and dive deeper into the topics of your interest.

How long will each virtual field trip/letter be?

The length of each virtual field trip newsletter may vary depending on the content and activities included. However, the newsletters are designed to be concise and engaging, allowing readers to explore and learn within a reasonable timeframe. Typically 5-10 minutes per day for our letters and 30-60 minutes for full-length field trips.

How often will the virtual field trip newsletters be sent?

The virtual field trip newsletters will be sent on a regular schedule, typically 6 days a week and Sunday will be a special edition of "The Sunday Paper". Each newsletter will focus on a specific theme or destination, providing a curated and immersive experience for the readers.

Can I provide feedback or suggest topics for field trips?

We have a dedicated roadmap for you to submit a request. We aim to create the best edtech solutions for educators, students, eduprenuers & schools worldwide. You may also use the built-in feedback tool on the right side of your screen.

Can I become an affiliate?

Yes! You can earn a portion of what we make on a reoccurring basis by introducing your community to Zoptiks.

Affiliates typically get a dedicated coupon that offers a discount to their community and start out by earning 10% of every sale. A great way to create a revenue stream is just for introducing Zoptiks to your network.

You can sign up to become an affiliate here.

How do I get in touch?

Feel free to reach out via our live chat on the Zoptiks helpdesk, send us a message via our contact form, or send us an email.

If you're already a member, feel free to submit a ticket in your client portal.