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Day 6: The End Of Dinosaurs

Explore the dramatic finale of the dinosaur era. Investigate various extinction theories, from colossal asteroid impacts to chilling Ice Ages. Navigate through clues left behind in the geologic record and uncover the mysteries surrounding the ultimate fate of these fascinating creatures.


Day 3: Herbivores of the Jurassic

Discover the colossal plant-eating giants like the Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus. Learn how they thrived in the lush Jurassic world, their physical characteristics, their diet, and their behavior. Explore the environment of the Jurassic period and how it supported the life of these herbivores.

Wanda Wild

Day 2: Carnivores of the Jurassic

Meet the most feared hunters of the Jurassic period like Allosaurus. Learn about their hunting strategies, their physical characteristics, and what made them successful predators. Explore the food chain of the Jurassic period and how these predators fit into it.

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