Introducing Professor Olive

Welcome to Olive's Odyssey. Where History Meets Mystery.

Who is Olive?

"Hey there! I'm Olive. I've always had a thing for stories - the older, the better. When I was younger, I'd spend hours in my grandpa's attic, dusting off old books and diving into tales of knights, pharaohs, and people who did amazing things with their live. Now, it's my turn to share these amazing stories with you every 'Microschool Monday'. Trust me, we're gonna make school feel like an epic movie.

Intriguing Biographies of Historical Figures

First up, we've got our time machine set to visit some of the most fascinating folks from history. From scientists who've blown our minds with their discoveries to leaders who've left an indelible mark on the world, we're diving headfirst into their lives, their struggles, and their triumphs. These aren't just stories of the past; they're lessons for the future, inspiring us to dream big and never give up.

Revisiting Fundamental K-12 Lessons

Next, we're heading back to school, but don't worry, there won't be any pop quizzes! We're revisiting those fundamental K-12 lessons, shedding a fresh, exciting light on subjects you thought you knew. Whether it's a tricky mathematical concept, a scientific theory that makes your head spin, or a historical event that changed the world, we're here to make learning a joy, not a chore.

Exploring Mysterious Phenomena

Finally, we're donning our detective hats and delving into the world's most mysterious phenomena. From the enigmatic depths of the Bermuda Triangle to the mind-boggling world of quantum physics, we're encouraging you to think critically, ask questions, and never stop wondering. The world is full of mysteries, and we're here to explore them together.

Microschool Monday is more than just a newsletter; it's your weekly ticket to a world of discovery. So, whether you're a student, a teacher, or just a lifelong learner with a thirst for knowledge, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.